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The Share A Child Movement, Inc. upholds and promotes the beliefs and principles, which are fundamental to a just society that values its children and their right to develop into productive citizens. These principles shape and strengthen our commitment, motivate us, and underlie our work:

  • GOD-centeredness, knowing that God is the ultimate reality and the guiding force in the universe;
  • Honesty and integrity, seeking always to be true to ourselves and to others;
  • Service, with utmost efficiency and effectiveness, to reach out to our constituents with relevant, timely and responsive assistance; 
  • Social justice, respecting human rights and empowering the vulnerable, the poor and the marginalized; 
  • Discipline, recognizing that the best way to teach upright behavior is through role modeling; 
  • Unity and teamwork, promoting harmony and cooperation through consensus building;
  • Child and Family Centeredness, in every way, living our commitment to the welfare of children and their families.